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Give St David's Day an African Twist

Give St David's Day an African Twist

In this interview with Western Mail, Maggie shares ways you can add an African Twist to traditional Welsh recipes to celebrate this Dydd Gwyl Dewi/St David's Day. Read the full article below, and make sure to order your copy of African Twist so you can share in the joy of plant-based recipes!

Maggie Ogunbanwo's latest book is published on February 24, so here she is delighted to share some alternative food treats with which to celebrate St David's Day. Maggie is keen to promote the pleasures of cooking with plant-based ingredients (although she shares meat-based recipes too in her earlier cookbook The Melting Pot, also available from Graffeg. 

She is also keen to put an exotic spin on traditional recipes, such as her version of Welsh cakes with an African flavour. 

"My initial thought when researching this recipe was, which came first, the Welsh or the Burkina Faso version? Who swapped which, the raisins or the pineapple pieces? Is this worthy of a research project? The reality is that both taste delicious and I see that all sort of Welsh cakes are now available, so I am glad to add to the mix."

Her take on a pudding is also sure to be attractive to the tastebuds: "Dessert is a fairly recent concept after meals in west and east African dining. The most common after-dinner serving would be fruit of some sort of bitter kola nuts.

"This orange offering has a touch of tropical sunshine and earth in the form of rum and I am sure it will be a hit with everyone who tries it."

And street food continues to be a winner: "Street food is very popular in Nigeria, as it is in many countries. The idea of picking up a tasty snack as you go about your business is a very attractive one.

"I remember how Nana would mix the flour with fresh yeast/fermenting palmwine and then add other ingredients to make her own unique blend of puff-puff. As all the mixing was done by hand, a particular movement was needed. Even today puff-puff is served as street food in Nigeria, but Nana made the best."

Click here to order your copy of African Twist by Maggie Ogunbanwo, with photography by Huw Jones. Or spend £35 in our online shop and get a free copy of the book!

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