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Our Story


The History of Maggie's African Twist

These days Maggie’s African Twist operates from The Red Lion in the village of Penygroes, surrounded by the beautiful Snowdonia countryside with its rich heritage and culture. Its roots however are deep in African soil, passed down through generations of instinctive, but highly gifted culinary masters; cooks they called themselves.

The shift began from one part of Africa to another, then on to Europe, where Maggie’s mother studied for a City & Guilds qualification in catering, grounding her knowledge and skill and opening up the way for a new generation.

Maggie is passionate about food and cooking as well as being committed to quality and the support of local providers.

Maggie’s influences flow from her Mam and Nain (Mum and Grandmother in Welsh). They are extended through contact with and work in environments with West Indian, Caribbean, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean and Latino foods. They continue to grow and meld with an additional Welsh touch added to the mix, widening Maggie’s international scope to tantalise a range of taste buds.

Maggie’s qualifications, like those of her Mum, stem not only from natural talent, but are informed by a time of studies at Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies under the experienced guidance of its excellent chefs.

The Ethos of Maggie's African Twist

Maggie is committed to the quality of the products she provides. Her ingredients are sourced from local providers (mainly in the county of Gwynedd) wherever possible. She always ensures that the end products are able to meet her exacting standards. Whatever your culinary desires, Maggie can tantalise you with options!

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