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Ileri Promise Hair Custard | African Gifts for Her

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Ileri Promise Hair Custard | African Gifts for Her

The hair product everyone's talking about! With raving reviews, this is a product for black hair, natural or treated.

  • Softer, more manageable locks on both black and mixed-race hair types.
  • Saving you money on hair products.
  • Works best without mixing with other products.
  • It loves warm climates, where you experience accelerated growth.

Initially, you may need to spray on morning and evening till scalp balance is restored, then you just need to maintain balance with a daily spritz. Hair does not require frequent washing. Works in conjunction with a co-wash, rather than a shampoo wash.


Our customers say:

"Lots of fine hairline hairs get a new lease of growth. Reduced breakage and increased body and length are some of the benefits I experienced."

"Within a few weeks of beginning to use the Hair Custard I started noticing the difference. My hair felt less dry. After a few months I noticed less hair in my comb and in the plug hole after washing. I then noticed my hair has actually started growing. The cream is so light I am able to apply a little daily with out any build up.  Highly recommend this product."

"As a middle aged woman, I’m showing all the signs of my age including receding hairlines, bald spots and the like. My natural hair is dry, brittle and short. It rarely grows longer than 3 inches. Using Ileri Promise Hair Custard brought my hairline back and healed my hair follicles which have now recovered from many years of braiding and poor nutrition. I highly recommend this product... one made with real herbal ingredients you can recognise!"

"My hair feels silky soft, no relaxer needed, very manageable, hardly any buildup of dandruff and grease; this is gourmet cuisine, fine dining for my hair! I'm loving it... before I boast about it to anyone, I make sure I have a spare bottle because they always end up taking mine after trying it!"

"The Ileri Promise Hair Custard is a staple in my household. My hair is fuller, longer and healthier! My daughters also use this product and I recommend it to anyone interested in healthy hair care. If you want to go from limp, lifeless hair to healthy, luscious hair, Ileri Promise should be your selection!"

Ileri Promise Hair Custard

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