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African food of the month... introducing Massa!

Two women cooking Massa over a fire


There is something about cooking on an outside fire, alongside learning new things that just causes frissons of excitement to run through me! Too much? It doesn’t do that for you?

I grew up knowing a plantain-based snack called Massa, which I loved and ate at every church bazaar that we ever went to.

Many years later, I had an experience of Massa that I would describe as a ground, rice-based, raised pancake that is common in the North of Nigeria.  

These lovely ladies in the picture took us through a step by step guide to making Massa with different fillings, and I am working on getting the recipe right before I share the recipe with you in my blog.

I am amazed at the diverse number of foods we have in Africa, (gluten free!), and I am set to exploring and sharing them with the world.

Please join me. Have you ever tasted Massa?

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