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West African Meat Stew | African dinner recipe

West African Stew


    *This is an optional addition to this sauce, you could also use fish/vegetables/meat substitute.

    To cook the meat

    To cook the meat from scratch, rub it in a generous amount of Naija This n That Spice mix and salt.

    After about 30 minutes add enough water to cover and boil til the meat pieces are soft enough You may have to top up the water. Any water left after sufficient cooking should be set aside and used as stock in making the stew.

    Alternatively you can cook the meat/chicken/fish in the oven the day before and add to the stew at the end and just heat through.

    You can omit meat altogether and add vegetables, Quorn or any other meat substitute. This will have an impact on the final taste.


    Peel the onion cutting off any hard root pieces, wash and chop roughly.

    Remove stalk from red pepper and wash, chop roughly.

    Open tin of tomatoes

    Place tomatoes, onion, clove of garlic and pepper in the jar of a wet blender and process to a rough paste. Add a little water/stock if necessary to aid the process.

    Add oil to a medium saucepan and heat on medium til a piece of onion added to the pan sizzles.

    Add blended onion mixture, tomato puree and Naija This n That Spice mix to the pan.

    Stir fry on high heat til well mixed and mixture begins to brown.

    Add stock, turn down heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes till the oil rises to the top and it’s cooked through.

    Add meat pieces (any cooked meat/poultry) and heat through.

    Season to taste with salt and Original African Chilli sauce. If unsure about the chilli, use 5ml to start with and top up as needed.

    Serve with hot rice and side salad or mixed vegetables

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